Search Engine Marketing without websites

By Paul Morris
Yesterday Google announced a new advertising format called ‘the adwords communication ad extension’. Essentially it allows adwords advertisers to collect leads directly from Google (image above).

Now this Search Muze post is not about the ad format per se; it’s about what Google is trying to do with releases like this.

Essentially Google, by creep, is fundamentally changing search engine usage as we know it. Google via innovations such as communication ad extension, product plus, google compare, and then serving address, phone number, maps, etc in SERPS means people no longer have to click to a website for the information they require.

In a previous post about social search process transformation I noted that search is just ‘searching for stuff’ and that searching for stuff is not just on Google but is across all search engines and also twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. If we take this development a step further; Search Engine Marketing will also be about doing things in & with Search.

Just think about how Search Engine Marketing could look then in a few years time.

If I were searching for ‘curry’; Google could serve me videos on how to make one, curry recipes, nutritional information, images, local curry houses (with reviews of the establishment, address, map, phone number), local news, social data from your network about curries (this one clearly does not work that well with the curry search however you know what I’m getting at), etc.

Now clearly the way the data is shown will have to change (as the current universal search SERPS ‘list’ will no longer suffice) and coupled with developments such as html 5 and Ajax Google could then serve videos, maps, full articles, expandable images, etc all in Google itself.

Scary. Exciting. Game changing. Websites. Who needs them?