SES Conference 2013 – Day 1

By Paul Morris
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Well it’s day 1 of SES and before I forget everything I thought it pertinent to detail. 

Note: This post is primarily for me with a sideward nod to you the reader. If the below doesn’t make sense, yet it sounds geekily interesting, then get in touch for a chin wag.

Keynote: Dave Coplin (Microsoft senior technology crystal ball stroker – @dcoplin)
Future Forward: Shifts in the Digital Revolution

Great session.

“Web of the World” focused on where everything revolves around the user (and thus a real need to develop Context).

Personalisation is not being done well by anyone at present and needs to particularly improve on our dumb (there not that Smart) phones. Google Now offers a glimpse into the future though where phones truly change from being a dumb terminal to a proactive life aid.

…Are we at a plateau of mediocrity and ‘simply’ need to push on through (kind of like the Charlie and the Chocolate factory climax)?

To change to a world focused on Context the biggest stumbling block is that of privacy. If we can truly showcase the benefits of giving your data away (in a reciprocity styley) and provide positive value exchange then we can push on through the plateau of mediocrity.

Nice collaboration piece from Microsoft with Guide Dogs for the Blind on inspiring future technologies 

Bing Translator – It needs work however a great use of BIG data integration and perhaps the death of teaching languages in 10-20 years time? (frickin stupid French teacher. She hated me that woman. No wonder I got a D)?

Link Building in a Post Penguin World

Google is clearly moving to a world empowered by social data and its own product portfolio (Google+, Chrome, Google Reader, Feedburner, Authorship, etc) however links will continue to rule for now. Essentially Audience + Human Interactivity = the biggest ranking factor focus for 2013.

Penguin Tool = See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic

Link Detective = Simple yet nice competitor link profile overview charting tool 

A by product of where Google is moving and of the Disavow tool is that Negative (SEO) Google Bombing is a bigger problem than many think and is difficult to overcome.

Optimising Landing Pages for Conversion and Revenue

Not much learnt from this one.

The only thing I really liked was the way Doug Hall (Conversion Works) and Dave (Conversion Factory = good guy) defined OKR’s (Organisational Key Results) as needing to feed into KPI’s that in turn feed into your testing methodology, strategy and ultimately plan.

Not heard of Serial and Smoke Tests defined in that way before = cool.

Keyword Modelling and Analysis
Bill Hunt


‘Missed Opportunity’ Chart ideology of showing missed Search opportunity that supports PPC but also SEO investment when you do the maths (CTR, CPC’s, lost impression share, etc).

Idea of looking at per keyword CTR and modelling acceptability and then doing something about those that do not match KPI’s e.g. meta description optimisation testing. 

‘End of Life’ old SKU’s and testing up sell to newer product variants via super long tail PPC. 

Analogy of ‘beating the data to death’. It’s not sexy but is what we (PPC’ers) need to do and many often do not.

SEO and Website Migrations:
How to have a smooth transition

Nice talk on major site migrations taken by 2 X dudes (Shari Thurow and Dan Patmore from Argos)

My 3 biggest take outs were the need for stakeholder engagement (tailoring the message to the audience is key), correct mapping of old pages to new and a detailed migration plan with timelines and accountability.