Social influence on digital media advertising

By Paul Morris

It was interesting to see a social reputation ads pending patent that has just been published (though originally registered in December 2011) by Yahoo.

In the social influence patent Yahoo details that ad charges could vary dependent on a viewer’s social influence among their peers. Utilising cookies the score (think Klout or Kred that is based on number of followers, contacts, type of products liked, amount of times other authors write about them, how influential their own followers are, the number of posts, reposts and retweets they make, etc) would then vary the amount paid for display advertising.

I think this is a great idea and why hasn’t it been done before now (well it’s actually quite complicated to do that kind of cookie analysis in a split second however I digress)!?

…Generally companies target RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising based on Geo Target, Gender, Age, Category, Demographic, sites recently visited, etc but what a great idea of adding in to the mix social influence that would enable RTB optimisation of the message influencer multiplier effect .

There are clearly going to be privacy concerns at using an additional layer of personal data to improve targeted ads however if we can get over these concerns then what a powerful advertising algorithm addition.

…..And how else could we use this?! I posted a related story recently in regards to Future Search algorithm trends and this social reputation parameter(s) could be layered over PPC ads; both standard and the GDN. Not only PPC but this development would also surely be relevant to paid for Social Media advertising as well.

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