Top 10 SEO social media ranking factors

Whilst Social Media ranking factors do not massively affect where you rank in the search engine result pages (SERPS) at present, (I concur with the chart above, courtesy of a seomoz survey, where they asked leading webmasters as to what factors they saw affecting SEO) the impact social media has on SEO will grow significantly over the coming years.

As you need to get on board with ‘the new’ sooner rather than later, I thought it pertinent to look at the top 10 social media factors that affect where you rank in the search engines.

Note: particular thanks go to Search Engine Watch for helping develop this post.


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1. Brand Mentions

Positive and negative brand mentions affect where you rank. Up until only a few months ago Google did not appear to discern a positive or negative mention in its SEO algorithm and as a result would rank several companies highly in the SERPS due to the amount of negative press they received. Google has since addressed this and whilst not 100% accurate (e.g. tongue in cheek humour – you would need the semantic web to understand that) Google can tell the difference between a positive and a negative review.

2. Number of Social Media Mentions

Get mentioned on as many quality social media outposts as possible.



3. Number of Fans

By creating a corporate profile on Facebook you can improve your rankings via the facebook fan base. Just be a nice company who has good customer service and treats people well as otherwise you will get burned!

4. Number of Comments

To be successful with this parameter you need to engage with people and get them to engage back.



5. Number, Quality & Relevance of Followers

Similar to the ‘being burned’ comment in the Facebook section above; engagement on Twitter does have its pitfalls however setting up a corporate Twitter feed could help your SEO ranking.

The more followers you have, the better the quality of those followers and the higher the relevance to your website/ sector of those followers the better.

Note: this only counts if you associate your twitter account with your domain.

6. Number of Retweets

As a ratio of tweets to retweets, how often is your content being reproduced/ retweeted by others.


You Tube

7. Video Title  

Your target keywords in the title of the video + tags + transcript = good.

Note: Any description content you upload should link back to/ mention your site.

8. Number of Views

The more times your video is viewed the higher the quality can be assigned to it.

9. Credibility

Engage with the You Tube community i.e. user comments as this will add further credence/ power to your own profile.

To take this engagement to the next level (and of far greater importance) is to get others to engage with your content and link from their profile(s) to your own.

10. Likes vs. Dislikes

The larger the % of likes versus dislikes the better.