TV ad targeting for promoted tweets

By Paul Morris

I was interested to see recently the TV ad targeting for promoted tweets beta introduced in the USA. 

Twitter uses some cunning video fingerprinting technology (enabled by Twitter’s purchase of Bluefin) to automatically detect when and where your commercials are running on TV, without requiring you to do any manual tracking or uploading media plan details. 

Whenever a commercial airs during a TV show, Twitter not only determines where and when it ran, but can identify users on Twitter who tweeted about the program where the ad aired during that program. 

For me this is wrapped up in the recent DataLogix study and can support the findings that Twitter does have a real world impact on, in the research studies case FMCG, sales. 

…This super tech/ Bluefin also provides Twitter with key insight into how its users react to particular shows and advertisements thus further powering future revenue streams.  

For more information on TV ad targeting for promoted tweets visit the first twitter tv ad beta announcement and then the generally available update 


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