UK Search Awards 2012

By Paul Morris
I attended the UK Search Awards yesterday and had a blast (though I’m still suffering from the jager bomb train 24 hours on).

In attendence at the Emirates Stadium were agencies with the odd client side chap such as me thrown in. Oh and Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers.

2 points of note from me:

1/ Some great SEO and PPC campaigns were showcased. I found it particularly encouraging that agencies are taking the bull (the client) by the horns (obtaining the budget) and creating some beautiful, yet ROI effective, campaigns.

2/ How will anyone ever find out about these great pieces of work!?

I found out about some as I was at the event and schmoozed.

What I find depressing is that many will only see the light of day in client specific pitch decs. As a Digital Marketing Community we need to embrace a sharing mentality (Yes I know why we do not want to share and might be asking for the world on a stick here) and if we can get this great work out then it will encourage more clients to do great things in Search.

…And best of all the living legend that is Andy Crane compered!