Understanding and improving quality score

By Paul Morris

I happened across a good intermediate level PPC presentation delivered at Google’s Dublin office recently (thanks Carl!) from Seth Elliott @ Google on ‘Quality Score – Myths Uncovered’ and thought it worthy of a brief post.


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Quality Score – Myths Uncovered

By Seth Elliott

What I love, and I genuinely believe, is that Google focus on the end user at all times. Yes in doing this it creates sheds loads of cash for Google however they can only generate this profit by focusing on the user by utilising Quality Score.

For information on how Google rank PPC results (Ad Rank: Bid and Quality Score) see my Adrank explained post

Session Notes:

Extensions are proving ever more important to Quality Score due to their innate ability to increase CTR; hence use them! E.g. I have experienced the improvements that things such as PLA’s can make to your bottom line.

Quality Score lives at keyword/ad pair level + domain rather than at the account, campaign or ad group level.

It really helps Quality Score if you restructure accounts and focus tightly on themed ad groups rather than preserving account structure for the sake of it

New accounts, campaigns and ad groups start with a neutral/representative quality score

Paused keywords/going dark does not reduce quality score (and the same can be said for low search volume keywords)

If there are no competitors the minimum CPC for a keyword is not related to the number of competitors one has on that keyword. Instead, the minimum CPC is dependent on the Quality Score of the keyword.

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