V.U.C.A & Digital Transformation

I attended a Digital Marketing masterclass today and there was a brief mention pertaining to V.U.C.A (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and living in V.U.C.A times (everything from Brexit > #fakenews).

It made me think how we can embrace Digital to ‘deal with’ V.U.C.A, capitalise on opportunities, overcome the competition and maximise the value creation zone.

Digital transformation is a great way of powering areas such as communication/ marketing, production, connectivity and maximising ROI from people/processes/tech.

As Digital leaders we must embrace V.U.C.A and make this the new digital normality. Continuous agile innovation that drives organisation wide change will be key for all brands.

I studied a mini MBA on Digital Innovation last year hence for further reading please see my articles on how the 5 V’s and HINGE can provide frameworks for dealing with a VUCA world.

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