3 Social Media tips

I sat through a great presentation from Holler (Social Media agency) a few days ago and wanted to outline the 3 key Social Media tips I benefited from:

1/ Brands need to act more like friends

I.e. stop spamming the hell out of your followers with offers and self promotion


2/ An always on Calendar of activity

…Whilst all brands are not expected to be manning social media 24/7 there needs to be a team to manage interaction as human beings are always on. I particularly liked the yearly calendar with major social fires across the calendar (and during these intense social bursts you are manned, within reason, 24/7)


3/ Disney Comms

Disney Corp has set up their brainstorming/ creative departments with 3 war rooms of Dreamers, Realists and Critics. What a great philosophy to apply to your own Social Media comms strategy.

Not in the presentation but something that could be used alongside this Disney WoW, and something I have used in the past, is the six thinking hats approach. See Wikipedia for more information but basically it’s a nice way for groups to develop detailed and cohesive tactics that come out of your creative departments brainstorming.

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