7 Facebook advertising tips

By Paul Morris
This post is a contradiction.  It presumes you know all about Facebook EdgeRank (Affinity Score, Weight & Time Decay) optimisation and have read my other 2 posts on edgerank optimisation and on thefuture of edgerank 

…Yet this post is basic in the extreme. It is however a great reminder of overarching optimisation principles as sometimes you cannot see the optimisation wood for the edgerank trees (and particularly as these principles eminate from a rather fabulous Dion who works at Facebook).

1/ Keep text short and sweet e.g. Pimms do this well

2/ Ensure Brand relevance e.g. the cheekiness that was Durex with there timeline Fathers Day ads

3/ Rich Images – Use them

4/ Highlight the product – Basically no cute cats and dogs unless you sell cats/ dogs and DO brand relevancy

5/ Solicit a lightweight response – Engagement is key however do not make people jump through hoops to engage and keep things light to maximise response

6/ Make it about your fans – Obvious right? Wrong. Talk to your fans and make communication relevant to your target audience(s).

7/ Test – Not one from Dion but one I wholeheartedly believe in. Make sure you test images, headlines, engagement mechanics, etc and have a testing matrix to hand that ensures statistical significance with all that you do

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