3MS Viewable Impressions

By Paul Morris
Now whilst I’m a big proponent of measuring Display advertising on an ROI basis (watch out for the way some people will play you though on the way conversion, view through, retargeting and cookie duration is defined) there is a place for display brand campaigns.

Not only do these brand campaigns need to be well targeted to your demographic but you also need to make sure the person actually saw your banner in the first place.

Old Skool ad server online impression calculations are always inflated (coupled with scary stats from Com Score who say that 31% of display ads go unseen) and as a result I’m a supporter of bodies such as the IAB with their 3MS initiative (Making Measurement Make Sense)

I think digital marketers should support their campaign and help them define even simple things like “what is a viewable impression?” (good definition in my mind = keep things simple… For all display ads, not video ads, the banner has to fully load and at least 80% of the banner be visible in the browser window for more than 1 second).

Let’s just hope other bodies/ companies support them and do not do something stupid (like Com Score possibly putting a patent on viewable impressions)