Disavow Links

By Paul Morris
Been a little silly with all those paid links, directories, social bookmarks, blogger outreach posts and generally rubbish links?

If so wipe them out in one fell swoop with the new webmaster tools disavow tool that was released earlier this week.

Great for those affected by Penguin and getting rid of past misdemeanours/ those of old colleagues or agencies.

You might be essentially a Big G snitch by spam detecting crowd sourcing the site(s) in question but hey, if you recover, who cares!? Right?

Still if you want to do more than simply defend Google’s anti spam advances and instead dance naked in the moonlight with the Big G (I went a little weird when I wrote it due to mucho single malt whisky) then follow the advice from my Great Content + Big Data + Interactivity = Sweet Link Bait post