7 Reasons why you should use a PPC agency

By Paul Morris
Following on from my last Paul Morris post on why you should not use a ppc agency I thought it only pertinent to balance the argument with reasons as to why you should use a Pay Per Click agency…

1/ Knowledge = Power

Whilst PPC is not as complex as putting a man on the moon it’s no painting by numbers. Factors such as Click Through Rate (CTR), ad copy, your landing page and your account all play a part in Quality Score alone (not to mention other factors such as bid level, conversion rate and strategy per keyword to consider) meaning a truly optimised PPC account is not for the faint hearted.

Without the right experience and knowledge PPC can be more expensive and time consuming than it needs to be. There are certainly cost savings and increased revenues to be had from effective optimisation and campaign management.

The money you are saving managing PPC in house could be a false economy as the extra costs you are paying as a result of running a non-efficient campaign more than makes up for the agency costs.

2/ Experience

Agencies, generally, know what they are doing. They have set up many campaigns, probably in the sector you frequent, and are more than accustomed to setting up PPC campaigns that run in to the tens of thousands of keywords with hundreds of negative keywords and ad variants. As part of your monthly fee you are paying for this experience and it should ensure your campaign hits the ground running and proves to be a success.

3/ Cutting Edge

Agencies often get invited on to Beta’s before clients receive them for new products such as site links, ad extensions, video ads, comparison ads, product ads, click to call phone extensions, etc and as a result pass on those benefits to you. Agencies keep their finger on the pulse of innovation by not only engaging in blogs, forums, attending events and conferences but also have regular face to face contact with the almighty G (Google).

4/ Shared Goals

In the reasons not to use a ppc agency a lack of shared goals was used as a reason not to partner with an agency. However the other side of the coin is that as long as you engage your agency on a shared goals basis you will both head in the same/right direction. You can of course have regular reviews and threaten them with the sack if they are not performing (the stick) or incentivise and collaborate with your agency on a Paid on Performance/bonus basis for hitting KPI’s (the carrot).

5/ Do You Really Have The Time?

You might know how to do some or even most of what the agency can do however can you really find the time to do it properly?!

Lack of knowledge and/or inability to dedicate the right amount of time to your PPC account will be a major factor limiting your digital marketing growth.

6/ Cross Fertilisation

An agency might have other services that could reinforce the PPC activity e.g. SEO, traditional media, display advertising, etc. This cross fertilisation is further reinforced when the benefits of the halo effect are taken in to account (halo effect defined: the role of one media channel on influencing sale uplift on another)

7/ Results

The PPC agency should be able to achieve better results than the in house team. Period.

If the ends justify the means, and you take in to account the opportunity cost, then the expense can be easily justified.

Besides which, if the PPC is not successful then you have someone else to blame!