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7 reasons why you should not use a PPC agency

By Paul Morris
Think Pay Per Click management’s childs play? Do not want to use a PPC agency? In which case here are some of the main arguments to support your stance (view my next Search Muse post on the reasons why you should use a PPC agency)

1/ Conflicting Objectives

The agencies goals could differ from the clients. The clients objective is likely to read something like maximise returns from PPC the PPC agencies goal could read the same yet instead of maximising the client returns they in fact maximise their own returns.

2/ Agencies don’t understand us

If the agency has not spent the time trying to understand your business then they will pick the wrong keywords and call to action messages that will in turn affect Click Through Rates (CTR’s), Quality Score (QS) and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

3/ Model Mismatch

If you are a low spending client then some agency business models will not suit you. Some of the bigger agencies only work on a % of media spend model and this by definition rewards the big spenders with greater levels of management and optimisation.

4/ Meddling

If the client IT or marketing department make major site amends without discussing them with the agency first then this could impact the PPC campaign. Equally if the agency knows the campaign would perform better with new or reworded landing pages yet the client will not/cannot make the amends then one of the reasons for using an agency is removed.

5/ Missed opportunity

There could be a lead time between the agency making requested or necessary amendments thus leading to an under optimised account and lost opportunity.

6/ B2B… what’s that?

Several PPC agencies only deal with B2C clients hence do not fully understand the different requirements of a B2B campaign. As an example B2B PPC leads are often worth significantly more than B2C leads however there are less of them floating around on the tinterweb hence each click needs to be treated like gold.

7/ You cannot afford it

A PPC agency might not be the right choice for sites with low traffic, potential and/or margin. It can be hugely beneficial to employ a Pay Per Click agency (see my next post on reasons to hire a PPC agency) however it could cost  £1000’s per month to employ a decent PPC agency and the potential ROI needs to stack up to justify the investment.