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Pacman SEO Infograph

By Paul Morris
In celebration of the 30th anniversary playable Google Doodle…

google pac man

….and of the fact it’s in my top 10 games of all time (the other 9: Operation Wolf, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, R-Type, Track and Field, Double Dragon and Frogger) I thought it only right that a modern day ode to the game was created.

The infograph you see at the bottom of this post is essentially Pacman if he were to frequent the world of Search Engine Optimisation, gobbling up the SEO pellets and avoiding the SEO pitfalls.


Meta Optimisation – Title, description, keywords, robots, etc and then due to my ridiculous self imposed limitation of 10 techniques, I’m extending this to on page factors such as Header Tags.

Infographics – are interesting visual representations of data or knowledge.

Syndication – Article, PR and video syndication.

Reciprocal Links – Whilst I m not really recommending three way link building or link wheels, good honest reciprocal linking still has its place. E.g. links from sponsors, recommended partners or suppliers?

Directory Submissions – Typical ones like DMOZ, Yahoo and beyond those to relevant niche directories.

Architecture – Whilst I’m no information architect to wax lyrically about card sorting; the architecture/ structure of your site is key to ensure a Search Engine Optimised site.

Content – reviews, local listing optimisation, on site landing pages, news, guides, etc.

Reputation Management – Whilst this sticks out somewhat as not really being a technique per se, I included it as this area is often of number 1 importance to the most senior within an organisation and needs to be considered. The goal of reputation management is to push negative results of the first page of the major search engines and there are various ways of doing this (…that gives me another idea for a blog!)

Paid Links – Buying links, whilst not necessarily recommended, is at the very least something to consider.

Social – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc optimisation not only for the links (I include Link Bait in this section) but also for the visitors, buzz and online brand mentions.

NOTE: There are more than 10 Search Engine Techniques however i kept it to 10 as 1/ these are the main ones 2/ I had to stop somewhere 3/ The infograph felt ‘balanced’ and 4/ 10’s a nice round number!


IP Cloaking – Serving different content to users than to Googlebot.

Link Farm – A group of websites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group (think of it like a highly contentious trading block)

Parasite Hosting – Hosting a site on someone else s server without their consent that in turn (if hosted on the right site of course) will provide search engine ranking benefits.

Blog Spam – Essentially you are adding no value by submitting posts to a blogs.

NOTE: There are more techniques to avoid however I only had Blinky, Inky, Pinky & Clide to work with. View my article on black hat SEO techniques for a more detailed list of techniques to avoid/ use against your competition if you’re that way inclined.

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