Augmented Reality from Blippar

Yesterday I met with Blippar who showcased some of their great applications of augmented reality.

Blippar (there are others e.g. Aurasma) is an augmented reality app that uses image recognition to launch interactive content on the user’s phone/ tablet.

The demonstration I sat through was interesting as it showed how augmented reality is allowing us to search, access and engage with content in a completely different way. From a marketing perspective I also found it interesting that you can serve different content depending on the geography or time of day and all engagement metrics can be measured hence a great feedback loop to measure activity and learn more about your consumers.

Similar (yet much better) to QR codes Blippar scans/ blips from a whole image such as the brand logo rather than from an ugly small QR code.

There are clear problems with this new marketing technology though e.g. having to download the app, knowing what to Blip, general awareness of this technology and getting brands on board however I still see this taking off in certain verticals. As long as you give consumers a reason to download and engage such as games, discounts, recipes, exclusive content, etc, more brands come on board, more awareness around this technology and with more people buying smart phones and tablets I see augmented reality growing over the coming years. It’s particularly great for those brands that struggle with conventional digital marketing e.g. ppc, seo and affiliate such as FMCG brands.

View the video above to see how it works or download the app on android or from the app store and scan the images below.




jurassic park

omega watch



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