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As can be seen from my posts on areas such as The Trust Equation I’m interested in how to build trust + community with target audience(s).

Well I happened across a useful research paper through a partnership between BlaBlaCar (a successful global ride sharing service) and Arun Sundararajan, a sharing-economy expert and professor at New York University’s Stern School of Management, hence thought I would share it.

If you’re after the details on entering the trust age then please visit the paper; otherwise here goes with a summary of the key findings and the associated acronymn…

By building online profiles and accumulating feedback “individuals are becoming their own brands, moving from a ‘one-to-many’ configuration to a world where trusted interactions can occur on a ‘many-to-many’ basis…[and] creating a new ‘crowd-based’ form of capitalism,”.

How is this achieved? Via the DREAMS community Trust pillars:

DECLARED: The BlaBlaCar site requires users to register with personal information e.g real name, age, riding preferences and a description of themselves (backed by full validated ID).

RATED: Users rate their experience with one another after their ride, and passengers rate the driver’s ability (whilst other users clearly pay close attention to these ratings).

ENGAGED: BlaBlaCar requires members to prepay for each ride (assuring other users that the person will honour the agreement).

ACTIVE: Activity stats are displayed e.g. number of ratings, how many rides offered, last on the site, etc (as users are more likely to trust active users).

MODERATED: All information users add to the site is verified or approved by a 3rd party.

SOCIAL: Users are encouraged to connect their BlaBlaCar profile with their pages on other social media (thus boosting ‘you are who you say you are’ confidence).

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