debt management infographics

Debt climb


Fuel Tanker

debt funeral infograph

olympic infograph

poverty infograph

Snakes and Ladders

In the company i currently work for, Baines and Ernst, we obtain inbound links by using a variety of techniques; one of those being infographics.

I thought I’d share some of the first mock ups on the Search Muse blog of our brain storming session (above).

Our brief was simple: Develop debt related infographics that will result in debt/ financial websites placing the infograph on their website and linking back to the Baines and Ernst website.


Firstly, we engaged in quite alot of work researching infograph styles we thought our audience would like, the types of websites we could appear on and topics we could graphically showcase.

Then we picked the right agency to help us develop the ideas.

We then met with the agency on several further occasions (still ongoing as the above are mock ups) to bounce ideas back and forth on what the finished infographs would look like.

The next step will be the most interesting – the syndication of the infographs, tracking and analysis of the results.