the best SEO infographics

By Paul Morris

I love infographics and as a result thought I’d create a Search Muse blog detailing 7 of the best SEO and PPC infographics. 


1/ PageRank Explained – Whilst Pagerank is a little 2006 i like the level of difficulty this infograph shows

seo mountain

2/ ‘The case of disappearing ink’ – shows the growth of digital search methods and the decrease of more traditional search methods

seo infograph

3/ Order and Importance of Link Juice – I like this infograph as i disagree with it (the order and importance of the elements)!

 link juice

4/ Time spent on SEO – Made me smile!

4 essential

5/ SEO Tactics – One that you can again debate as to where the types of activity fall on the scatterplot however this is a really nice pictorial representation of SEO tactics activity and the risk/ reward model attached to each.

seo tactics infographics

6/ Old search engines – what are they doing now? – Rather rude (click on the image to enlarge) however it made me smile and reminisce about the good/ bad old days.

rude search engine infographics

7/ Pacman SEO – My very own infographic that shows Pacman frequenting the world of Search Engine Optimisation, gobbling up the SEO pellets and avoiding the SEO pitfalls.

 pacman seo the original