DevOps Report 2015

Background: Visit my post on the 3 C’s and 3 S’s of DevOps

So here goes with some commentary on the latest DevOps report 2015 produced by the great PuppetLabs, in partnership with IT Revolution, and Sponsored by PWC.

Do not view IT as a cost centre; view it as an enabling function that leads to real business value.

DevOps = better IT and organisational performance.

…And IT managers / directors play a key role in actually making DevOps work to transform the organisation.

DevOps = a better way of embracing change and repelling fear

Lots of stats were included that showed there were fewer failures, recovery from failure was easier/quicker, deployment was quicker and people who work in DevOps even have better biscuits #hobnobs

Lean Management and continuous delivery rock. e.g sustainable value delivery faster, cheaper and to a better quality that also aids engender a better organisational learning culture and lower levels of burnout. For more on these areas visit my posts on lean WoW  and  Continuous Delivery.

Diversity matters i.e. we need more women in DevOps

So for more information view the DevOps report 2015

Note: I also loved a comment from another article on DevOps from Gartner (21st May 2015; Cameron Haight) = “Many DevOps initiatives focus inwardly on processes and tools with little validation that the services being delivered are appropriate. The primary focus of DevOps should be on improving the customer experience, and DevOps teams must create a CX that provides utility, convenience, value and DELIGHT”. AMEN.

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