Google @ Manchester 2015

I attended Google @ Manchester 2015 today and it was another good event laid on by Google + the Northern agency scene (thanks to Mediacom for my invite)

Rather than pad I’m simply going to get down to summarising the sessions:


Googles role in the discovery, amplification and monetisation of content. Mark Howe. Google.

Mobile, video and programmatic was already coming through as a key focus for today’s event along with Micro Moments that Matter

Mobile behaviour and the future of E-retail. Martijn Bertisen. Google.

Few companies are set up to identify, deliver on and measure moments that matter and this is where key competitor advantage lies (my words not Google’s)

Zalando were earmarked as an interesting company from Germany who are really making waves in Europe from a mobile acquisition perspective (and after checking them out are doing well from a domestic language targeting perspective)

Connect the dots:
1/ be there in the moments that matter
2/ re think legacy approaches
3/ measure the moments that matter

Living services – the third wave of the internet. Alex Jones. Fjord.

Around the digitisation of everything
Storytelling in a modern age. New tools. New tellers. Charlotte Morton. Google.  

I liked Charlotte’s ‘Choice plus immersion‘ = Prove you are worth being chosen and then people are willing to immerse themselves with you (just make sure you back ‘it’ up with great storytelling/content.

Artcopycode Great ways of re-imagining the future of advertising.

Modern day storytellers and a very interesting content video factory = Mofilm
How does Google do marketing? Nishma Robb. Google.

…Backed by lots of data though still with a heart and great storytelling.

‘Users’ and ‘magic’ are the key focus for Google advertising that they then back up with media to amplify and engage.

Google Art Project = Amazing…

3 key principles of how Google ‘do’ Marketing:
1/ Delight one real user
2/ Look for magic everywhere
3/ Make it matter

Why programmatic is the data driven future of marketing. Rick Jones. Double Click.

Do not pass the creepy line with data.

3 key points of programmatic focus:
1/ Who are you telling the story to?
2/ Where are you telling the story?
3/ What is the story about?

The magic of flying by British Airways was a really nice use of data with a real wow factor….

5 tactics for improved digital storytelling:

1/ Audience driven comms strategies for each segment
2/ Deliver messaging in the right context and moment
3/ Capture data with every engagement and use the signals to develop a story over time
4/ Develop multi-screen experiences in html5 (Google HATES Flash)
5/ Measure what works for each audience segment, message and format

Measurement accuracy – improving returns and providing competitor differentiation. Oliver Borm. Google.

New remarketing data lists based on email CRM data uploads (more info here and essentially this is a Google version of Facebook audience retargeting lists)
Agency Discussion

Talked about the importance of Π Shaped People among many other areas

The mathematics of love. Hannah Fry. Awesome mathematics lady.

Obvious when you think about it however I enjoyed Hannah educating me about the decoy effect  

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