Note: Please bring an open mind to this post or you will think I’m a #tosser

Anyone who knows me is aware of my use of the word awesome and my aspiration to be #awesome (I often use #awesome to be more down wid da kidz).

However what do I mean by being awesome?


(This sounds big headed) but I want to inspire awe. I want to show that being positive and bringing you’re ‘A game’ is a good thing and not something to scoff @

I believe God put me on the earth to be #awesome hence it’s a discredit to my creation to not aspire to it (a bit deep but there you go)

Give out awesome vibes (e.g be good to others by respecting, supporting, defending, encouraging, etc them) and you get awesome vibes back

Even if you are not feeling awesome simply believe and a positive mood will follow

Spend muchos time developing as a person (character development, on the job training, more official education, etc)

Make a difference to the world, face your fears and be willing to fail

Don’t conform (awesomeness = non-conformity). “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me” [Ayn Rand]. Taker control and make things happen.

Subscribe to the art of radical exclusion – try to surround yourself with good people and do not let those with non-awesome tendencies affect you

Simply. Be. Positive.

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