ITV & Mediacom event

I attended a great event today from ITV/Mediacom.


Hearing from some ITV stars e.g. Matt Boulting (Tour De France), Ben Hanlin (from Tricked) and Mark Cueto (Rugby)

Interesting to hear some more stories of TV driving other channels e.g. Search

Brand love (mainly around a panel tracker though) is a a key measure for ITV. Essentially ITV do have a few hard metrics they measure success by (e.g. Barb) but also softer metrics as well (e.g. social media sentiment)

Development > testing > on air > air to performance = lifecycle of programme research.

It was interesting (obvious with hindsight!) to see how focused ITV were on research and testing. ITV speak to their audiences every single week on everything from plot lines to character development to what else they would like from the channel. ITV use lots of different testing techniques (Dial, surveys, polls, interviews, etc) and just shows the interrelationship with channels such as UX from my world.

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