digital marketing mix standard

Digital Marketing Mix on Steroids

digital marketing mix standard

Copyright: By Paul Morris

I had a RainMan moment the other night and developed the above Digital Marketing schematic.

Essentially it should help you with planning, optimisation and measurement of your digital marketing activity.

Here’s a super quick overview:

Customer Lifecycle – visit my article on the customer lifecycle for more info.

Paid Owned Earned – visit my article on Paid Owned Earned for more info. I have severly dumbed down each Paid Owned Earned segment to fit within the customer lifecycle hence treat with a pinch of salt.

SOSTAC – visit my article on SOSTAC  for more info.

Conversion Path – Digital Shopping Experience – Just developed and I will need to put a post together in due course on this (I’m most proud of the B.C and A.D headers!)

KPI’s – Self explanatory.