5 future trends for Facebook Advertising

By Paul Morris
Here are my 5 digital media/ advertising Facebook trends:

edgerank continues to dominate

1/ EdgeRank continues to rule… Sort of

Whilst Facebook will start to develop other revenue streams (below) EdgeRank will continue to be the dominant advertising algorithm for Facebook

facebook exchange

2/ Facebook Exchange

DSP’s/ RTB’s entered the fray this year and this area will be focused on to develop interest that was conceived on the Clients own site

facebook bing

3/ Facebook’s own Search Engine

The Big Z (Zuckerberg) was quoted as saying ‘Facebook Is Pretty Uniquely Positioned, At Some Point We’ll Do It’. Facebook will develop their own Search Engine after they have learnt more from the Bing partnership by utilising the 25+ strong search technicians they are keeping hostage from Google (I’m kind of serious)

facebook ads

4/ Facebook Ads

PPC/ Search Bar ads will develop (particularly if backed by Facebook’s own proprietary Search technology) and Facebook’ own version of Google adsense will come out next year (fed by Facebook demographic and engagement data)

native advertising in post

5/ Native Advertising

Facebook, along with all other major social media platforms, has to crack mobile or its revenues will decline as more people move to mobile consumption.

Facebook has to crack SoLoMoCo (particularly the ‘Co’ bit) and is already starting to adapt desktop advertising to the mobile (see the bottom screenshot)

facebook mobile advertising