Facebook EdgeRank Optimisation

By Paul Morris
I have written a few posts recently on Facebook’s algorithm however felt another one come over me.

Essentially I have already posted about EdgeRank and what it is yet felt the below Infographic showcased this pictorially much better than I did.

HOWEVER one thing it could be better at is how to optimise for EdgeRank hence here is my (well that’s an utter lie to start with; thanks must also go to Gail for her advice)…

10 point EdgeRank optimisation check list:

Define your goals and KPI’s – Fans? Leads? Customers?

Define your targeting and audience – What’s your Buyer Persona? – Get the right type of visitor – what age is your target audience? Gender? Race? Language spoken? education level? occupation? Geographic location?

Define your budget

Truly understand EdgeRank before you start any activity….

Timing & Frequency – experiment with different times and days, and monitor performance in your analytics to spot the highest engagement times

Linked with the above; Test, measure and learn with multiple ad images, call to action messages, etc to maximise EdgeRank

You essentially need people commenting, interacting with and sharing your content. ‘Simple’ things like engagement via answering questions, polls and/or commenting produces a lot of edges. Other key advice includes maximising CTR to aid placement by constantly optimising your headlines (do not think in a PPC styley; instead think question headlines) and creative (that thumbnail photo really counts) and think short punchy ad copy rather than War and Peace marketing blurb.

Catch them on the go – 425 million people access FaceBook on mobile devices

Facebook have numerous advertising options – experiment with the relevant ones to find out which ones work for you

If you are serious about FaceBook advertising It’s also worth using the Edge Rank Checker (although treat it with a pinch of salt as it cannot measure the Affinity part of Facebook’s algorithm)