The Telegraph 2013 Predictions

I attended the Telegraph 2013 Predictions event last night and learnt 5 things:

  • The Imperial War Museum is a great venue to hire for corporate events
  • prunes wrapped in bacon rocks
  • Never do a live video conference with the US of A when you have purchased a £2.99 microphone and as a result end up sounding like Darth Vadar in a cave
  • Northern lovey darling media types are actually quite nice people
  • These events are just utterly random; for example 140 strong simultaneous wine tasting event, football punditry, seeing the travel correspondent get mauled by a lion, and a fashion parade with miserable (sorry cool) looking models

[oh and I learnt about 2013 predictions in the areas of wine, sexism, politics, girl power, travel, football and fashion]

Overall a good event and thanks to those in the know for the invite!