Does page speed affect seo and ppc rankings

By Paul Morris
(To save you reading the below post: My short search muse answer to the question posed is yes it does but to quote the infamous Paul Daniels – not a lot)

I have been reading several articles recently about page speed (mainly brought on by the widely published Google page speed tool) and its affect on ppc quality score and seo rank.

Many people are becoming scared by Google’s SEO ranking factors and the factors that affect PPC quality score.

The only reason for this quick post is to stop you worrying so much!

Whilst page speed does affect seo and ppc I’m not convinced it has that great an impact.

As an example, there are over 200 factors that determine where you site appears in the Google SERPS and page speed is definitely not one of the most important. As long as your site is not within the worst few % within your sector then you are fine from a ranking/ quality score perspective.

This is not to say site speed is unimportant; it’s hugely important from a usability perspective as several studies have proven that if your site does not load within a handful of seconds then the world will desert your website and never buy from you again. This short post is simply here to state that you should not become obsessed by page speed from a ranking perspective.

Paul Morris Summary: Use the google page speed tool (or use other tools such as Firebug) and prioratise the amendments however do not spend every waking minute worrying about your site speed as i’m sure there are other things you should be worrying about that are more important!