Facebook SoLoMoCo

By Paul Morris


By Paul Morris

I wrote about SoLoMo a while back and discussed then how important it would be, if done well, to engagement and Commerce (so the portmanteau becomes SoLoMoCo) on Social Media platforms.

Linked with SoLoMoCo, I read about an AMAZING idea recently from Brian McConnell that Facebook could implement and have essentially developed his idea for this post…

Overview: If you can dramatically improve tailorable localisation relevancy in Facebook then SoLoMoCo success will be realised.

Problem: If you are after personalised local content then you cannot easily obtain it within Facebook.

Solution: Imagine a world where you could engage with neighbours, church goers to your local church, Manchester united fans near your local pub, events for the under 5’s occurring locally, mountain bike enthusiasts looking to go on rides in the area, etc? That would be cool.

Enabled: Facebook could provide this solution by producing a localised feed interspersed in your news feed that gave uber targeted locally relevant content.

The user would hopefully find true value in this feature and spend more time in the interface updating their preferences. Once updated Facebook would use its EdgeRank algorithm and overlay it with your location and preferences (neighbour interested, church going, Man United fan, with kids under 5 who likes to go on bike rides in and around Poynton).

This feature would not only improve usability and relevancy for the user but would also be great for local businesses and communities (advertising on Facebook does not work brilliantly well at this nano level currently) as what better way to target users than on a needs based, timely, interest and location level!?

Oh and Facebook might make a pretty penny or two as well from the new feature with it also being well suited to their problem child; mobile and perfect for a new form of Facebook native mobile advertising.

eh viola; Facebook SoLoMoCo realised.