Google @ Manchester 2012

By Paul Morris
I attended the Google @ Manchester event on 30th October 2012 and wanted to provide some overarching event themes as this will give us an idea of Google’s direction:

They LOVE voice search and Google Goggles and will continue to push new ways of searching

Massively promoting integration,  ROPO,  Mobile (I’ve written loads on mobile hence hit up my search bar for all 50 related articles), Google+ and multi click attribution

Pushing mid journey touch-points as being undervalued (I would not disagree at all however they are also doing this to increase PPC spend). For this then I would say look out for more promotion of stuff like Broad Match Modifiers

Massively pushing True View Formats on You Tube

The guest speaker of QuBit really promoted Big Data

MVT promoted (strangely there has not been much update of their tool over the years though). Interestingly only 1 in 10 MVT tests prove effective hence do not give up as everyone else is in the ‘damn why isn’t this working when everyone is saying it’s cool’ boat.

Watch out for increasingly cool new ways of retail shopping as online and offline shopping continues to blur e.g. Goertz virtual shoes

Mapping is seen as key both with great innovations such as Android Mall Maps and with new additions such as Albert Heijn – Appie

Big G are really pushing Google+ and massively pushing Google+ prominence in natural search. When Google+ social recommendations are layered over Search CTR goes up 5-10%

Social Insights and uplift to SEO (CTR) is coming soon to Google+ stats

Since 2010 Google have developed for Mobile first

Many companies are seeing double conversion rates for tablet compared to desktop

Dual Screening is only going to get bigger. There are some great examples on this blog with another great example being Red Bull 

QR codes are seen as important to tie in offline and online (though I see Augmented reality as the way forward over boring QR codes)