Google Cardboard and Glass

By Paul Morris

We had the honour of hosting Google today who came in to talk about the future of mobile and wearable’s.

…And it was super interesting.

Two elements really peaked my interest from the session.

1/ Google Glass

Now I’ve seen it demoed many times but never actually tried it on. Whilst the product looks geeky, is ‘buggy’ and has poor battery life it was still amazing. I definitely see, in future iterations, millions of people owning this device and it transforming their lives in so many ways.

Whilst ad monetisation doesn’t appear to be an aim of the product I’m still interested to see if the patent Google filed for ‘pay per gaze’ (that I blogged about a year ago) ever sees the light of day

To see how it can improve your everyday life visit the London Google Glass clip and also read about how it can improve your day job as well.

2/ Google Cardboard

Whilst Google Cardboard, on the face of it, is a more basic product I found it more interesting than Google Glass (so much so I just ordered it from the States less than 6 hours after using it!)

….It is essentially virtual reality on your Smartphone…

It is difficult to explain hence see the Google I/O Cardboard demo for more info


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