Google Enterprise Search event

By Paul Morris
Earlier today I attended a Google enterprise Search event at Google’s new London office.

Here are my takeouts from the event:

Note: These are headlines; if you want more detail get in touch.

John Gillan, Retail Industry Leader for Google – Retail Insights session

Lots of stats that prove mobile is the future.

I asked a question on whether Google would improve its cross platform tracking capabilities (in a similar vein to with a cookie in the cloud that reasonably accurately ties products to the owner) and they said NO.

Double Click session

Lots of ‘Stack’ talk.

Basically Double Click/ Google are trying to tie you to one digital marketing platform/ stack (Double Click: Studio, Marketing Manager, Rick Media, Search, Bid Manager + Google: Analytics, Tag Manager + Wildfire).

Essentially Double Click have used BCG (Boston Consulting Group = you must remember the Cash Cow and Dog right!?) to prove the benefits of managing all digital marketing in a single cookie space that also aids cross channel campaign management.

Will Warren,, GSA (Google Search Appliance)

Essentially GSA is Google in a box that powers excellent onsite Search.

What was really nice is then AppsBroker (a Google partner) and one of their clients,, showed how you can build on top of the GSA platform (are we talking stacks again?!) with a product called Searchandiser. Essentially Searchandiser is a relatively easy way of building dynamic imagery, sliding banner carousels, etc at the top of onsite Search results.

I asked a question of Will as to whether Searchandiser could take a feed from Google’s database in terms of imagery (as you need something to power the banners and carousels) or geo data (to power the Google Places bit) and the answer was NO (though you can of course integrate feeds).


Overall a good afternoon that proved the importance of the stack (though I still see benefits in splitting your stacked platform out and do not think it’s that cut and dry) and of new products entering the market to improve onsite Search that in turn aids usability, relevance, conversion rates and ultimately marketing ROI.

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