The Google + Twitter conundrum

With last month’s Twitter deal, Google can now show real time tweets in their SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) once more.

Whilst everyone outside of Google is unsure what form this showcase will take I feel the result will be a blessing and a curse for many Brands; particularly for those at either end of the good/bad customer service spectrum.

If every interaction on Twitter is going to be amplified in Google’s SERPS it will truly unearth what is going on from a customer service perspective and generally what people think about the brand they are searching for.

Essentially if you care about customer service (reacting in a timely fashion, resolving customer queries to the customers satisfaction, responding in an authentic / ‘on brand’ fashion, etc) then this is great news. However if your customer service and products do not match expectation and you get a roasting on twitter for it then I’d definitely watch out!

What will also be interesting to see is that with advanced search queries (or if Google seamlessly implements the search functionality; think Google image search but for Google/Twitter) you can unearth previous conversations on Google/Twitter. This in turn opens up real time self-help forum thread functionality within Google for Tweets. Again both a blessing and a curse for brands depending on how your brand and customer service is perceived on Twitter.

At the very least it should mean brands take Twitter customer service more seriously due to its wider ramifications and will continue to bring Social Media and SEO closer together.

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