Mobile friendly SEO algorithm update

As noted late last week on Google Webmaster Central, Google’s mobile ranking algorithm going forward will include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing.

To be honest the only thing I’m surprised with (search this site for ‘mobile seo’ to find posts dating back a few years on this topic) is that it took Google this long to release the algorithm update.

The update can be split into 2 parts:

1. Mobile-friendly usability factors will be an official ranking signal come April 21st, ‘giving us time to get mobile-friend’.

The change will affect mobile global searches in all languages and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Tools to help make your site mobile friendly:

i/ Guide to mobile friendly sites 

ii/ Mobile Friendly test 

iii/ Mobile usability report 

2. Then there is the already rolled out App indexing ranking factor.

Starting last Thursday Google has begun to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed.

Essentially this means that content from indexed apps that you have downloaded are much more likely to appear prominently in the search results

If you are after further information on this check out Google’s step by step guide  

The million dollar question is what impact will it have? 

….And I do not have an answer to that of course as the answer is specific to your site / mobile / app presence. The answer largely depends on 3 factors; how mobile friendly your site is, how mobile friendly your competitor sites are and if your competition has decent indexable app content (as then at a personalisation level your web content may be displaced by a competitors app content)

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