Mo Mo Manchester UX event

I’ve just got back from a great Mo Mo Manchester UX event and thought I’d document some of my highlights:

Shop direct – Creating an in house ux lab

John Rowlands, Mobile Apps Manager at Shop Direct

Things kicked off with the evening moderator, John Rowlands from Shop Direct.

An extremely interesting talk on how they have built up a 15 strong (out of a 60 strong digital team) internal UX team.

There key focus for UX has been to create a usabilty lab that keeps them focused on the customer. The lab is also of use for wider user research and as a creative space for designers.

John showcased examples of how Shop Direct have improved the customer journey to benefit not only the customer but also the bottom line.

Very interesting use of persuasive design

Emotion based interface design
Marvel app

Focussed around delighting consumers through usability

Nice examples of using 404 error page and pay to upgrade (confetti) as showcasing fun and delightful user experiences

Matt Harney

He uses prototyping with marvel and axure

‘Sticky apps’ keep you coming back
Richard eskins
Ux @ mmu

Here Richard educated us on how much the Manchester/Salford universities are doing for education around UX

A great way of getting local talent from mmu for ux via their ‘digital innovation’ eventand their Talent day.

Reality Mine
Understanding the context around user experience

A good lesson on keeping not only the in app experience in mind but also the users life at front of mind when designing for UX experiences.

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