Great Content + Big Data + Interactivity = Sweet Link Bait

By Paul Morris
A few hours ago I read a post on seomoz about big content being worth the effort, time and risk to aid great SEO link bait. Whilst I thought it was a good post I think it missed the bigger picture. And that’s not to say Dr Pete just missed the bigger picture of sweeeet SEO but I have as well in the past. Previously I’ve posted about interactivity being the future to infographic success, gamification and widgets being the future of SEO and BIG data being key to link bait success.

There all right. However they all also miss the point.

Essentially to stop engaging in the Google dance you need to create truly amazing link bait.

Every SEO agency and his dog are creating guides, surveys, ‘jovial’ news pieces, etc.

Many are creating infographics.

Some are creating interactive content pieces.

A few are fusing great content with interactivity to create interactive infographics.

A handful are creating widgets and gamification ideas.

And 1-2 are fusing BIG data with the aforementioned tactics to create stunning interactive link bait piece de resistance’s.

Why so few?

The answers are numerous (cost, time, client buy in, difficulty, big data being relatively in its infancy, access to the data, etc) however they are not good enough reasons.

Come on guys.

Those who create truly sweeeet link bait can rebuff the Google invite and dance naked in the moonlight with the knowledge they have created something that engages and has (link) magnets stuck all over it.

(ok I went a little weird at the end but you get my point… oh ok it’s Friday night and I’ve had a few sherbets and I went on the sun bed at lunch for too long but hey my points still valid).