Tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile

By Paul Morris
There are several generic advice posts about optimising your LinkedIn profile.

Useful stuff like claiming your vanity url, requesting recommendations, making use of the 3 weblinks, fully completing your profile, use a good quality photo of yourself, etc are all good gravy however nothing I can find extends to the wonderment you will experience by reading this post.

Right then; let’s get down to detailing 3 pieces of truly useful LinkedIn advice that will help you obtain more job offers.

1/ Network your ass off

Let’s start with the basics.

Many recruiters and internal HR professionals use LinkedIn to find potential candidates.

For you to even stand a chance of showing up when the HR professional is searching for candidates you need to be within 3 degrees of separation from them.

As a result you need to network your ass off and get within 3 degrees of separation of people looking to fill the job(s) you want.

There are many ways of doing this however it essentially boils down to effective networking. I’m not here to teach you how to network hence you are going to have to figure that one out for yourself however bloody obvious things include networking with relevant (to the company and/or sector you want to go into) and popular (in terms of number of connections) past colleagues, suppliers, recruitment consultants, industry leaders, etc.

2/ Become a lion. Grrrrrrrr

To extend the above philosophy you should develop your network by becoming a LION and networking with fellow LIONs.

LION stands for Linkedin Open Network; think of them as the super popular kids at school who know everyone that matter.

Distilling what to do down for the purposes of this post:

Put [LION] at the end of your title/ profile description (and make sure your headline profile has affinity with the next point…)

Search for ‘LION + your job area of interest’

Invite only relevant fellow LIONs to link in with you

Et voila you have inherited the 1st and 2nd degree connections from the network whores of the LinkedIn world

3/ Keyword stuff your profile (intelligently)

Think of the LinkedIn search ranking algorithm as you would Google from circa 1999.  i.e. Keyword stuffing rocks.

Now you do not want to do something like this bloke by adding ‘social media’ 1000 times to your profile however equally if your HR professional has 3+ figure connections (which they almost certainly will have) you are never going to rank on the 1st page of results for a term like ‘social media’ if you only mention the term twice in your profile.

The secret for LinkedIn keyword optimisation is to make it look natural. Again I’m not going to teach you to write SEO/ LinkedIn copy hence you’re going to simply have to use your head and look around optimised LinkedIn profiles for a guide.

Some overarching advice though is that you should optimise for no more than a handful of key phrases and include the area you want a job in. As an example if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager role in London then use the following words, multiple times, in your profile: ‘Digital Marketing’ ‘Online Marketing’ ‘ecommerce’ ‘Manager’ ‘London’. As you would with SEO keyword selection you need to consider search volume, competition, potential to convert/ turn into a job offer, etc.