Guest Blogging spookily from a guest blogger

By Paul Morris
For today’s Search Muse blog i hand over to a friend of mine who knows a thing or three about SEO…

Some people involved in SEO feel that links are links no matter the source (unless they are from some really dodgy neighbourhood) however I’ve always believed that source relevance is an important factor in Google’s algorithm and not to chase any old high PR source – the common sense approach with blogs is just too undeniable to completely disregard relevance in building your links.

One Source that I’ve used increasingly is My Blog Guest (MBG). Ann Smarty and her team of mods have nailed what SEO blogging is all about, and I’ve been rather impressed with the opportunities MBG has provided for link building.

MBG allows you to either submit content, or take content, as long as you keep the hyperlink within it. The content is unique and it provides quality, fresh links and importantly, it forces the client’s link profile to stay relevant (in the most part).

Fundamentally you offer an on-topic website with free, high quality content and in return you receive a relevant link = everyone’s a winner!

What I’ve found so far
I have been lucky enough to have linked up with a few websites in the debt and financial industry recently (I’m the SEO manager for one of the largest UK debt management firms) and the results have been top notch: none of my links have been removed, no dodgy tactics including redirects, no-follows or anything untoward attempted.

Time Saving
Now in 2011 few people have time to check where the suitable blogs or link neighbourhoods are however MBG makes scanning suitable sites very easy, as you can tag your interest e.g. debt, travel, retail, tech etc and then gain contact frmo those only interested/ relevant to your niche.

the moderators have done a great job here; I have even fallen fowl to their detective talents, and gained a slapped wrist for (mistakenly = honest!) mistakenly trying to release duplicate content. This is yet another reason why I continue to use the service as i know it’s policed as I have no wish to spend time researching and writing an awesome article for it to only end up on an adsense farm.

Building Relationships
My last point is that of creating relationships with influential and relevant bloggers as it’s amazing how helpful/ useful these bloggers can be when it comes to syndicating that killer article or press release.


Paul Morris note: This article was written by Garry Hudson (a digital dude for 6+yrs)