Homepage Takeovers

By Paul Morris
I thought I’d put a post together on the practice of home page takeovers

It’s too simple to say I’m for or against homepage takeovers as it depends on what you’re trying to achieve (brand V DR), the deal you obtain, ROI, etc however generally I’d just advise you to tread with caution.

As you can see from this American Digiday survey you can spend ALOT of money on takeovers.

You are essentially taking a large £bet that your target market are frequenting AOL or Yahoo or the log out screen on Facebook (you get the picture) and will engage (or at least be swayed) by your advertising.

Often a better way is to engage in RTB (Real Time Bidding) targeting where you can serve display advertising to your target market and/ or have the intent you seek e.g. have been on 3 car insurance websites within the past 24 hours hence you are going to go into the real time auction and try and place your targeting ad in front of that individual whilst they are in the car insurance research stage. Another related way of spending your company cash is to engage in Search Retargeting where you identify and target the people who searched for relevant search terms via dynamic display ads via the DSP’s (Demand Side Platforms).

Anyway I digress.

This article was genuinely not intended to blow home page takeovers out of the water as they can still find a home in your digital marketing toolkit; particularly for brand, engagement and product launch campaigns. You ‘just’ need to ensure you know your onions: Who is your target audience? where to target your audience? Understand what you want them to do and how best to achieve that goal. Negotiate hard with the display ad provider in question for the best deal. Ensure you have truly engaging messages and collateral. And if you have the volume/ time then test the creative and serve the winner more frequently.

Another piece of advice is to look at what other advertisers have done and learn from them.

And on that note…

Examples of YouTube takeovers




Channel 4


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