Tools for Effective ASS

By Paul Morris
I’m currently investigating ASS (App Store SEO and more commonly referred to as ASO = App Store Optimisation) and am looking at search volume, competitor analysis, keyword recommendations, etc.

After reading the forums the 3 best tools for ASS seem to be: (

I’m currently having a Play (and an ios for that matter ;-)) with Searchman and initial impressions are good.

I particularly like their Search Visability Score (which is similar in ethos to SearchMetrics), competitor analysis suite and their KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index i.e. how good a keyword is at bringing you traffic). I’m not convinced about their keyword analysis tools or keyword suggestion tool (called “missing keywords”) however perhaps that’s more down to who I put as the competition rather than any deficiency in the tool itself.

If I have any ASS pearls of wisdom I will update this post in due course.

If you would like more detailed information on optimisation visit my ASS optimisation post.

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