LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

By Paul Morris
LinkedIn just went all Facebook Sponsored Posts on us.

Yesterday LinkedIn launched Sponsored Updates. The advertising development means paid Company Page status updates can now appear in members’ home page news feeds along with organic posts. Sponsored Updates can be seen on desktop, Smartphone, and tablet devices and are marked “Sponsored.”

LinkedIn aren’t stupid and they have built the advertising model so any LinkedIn member can see updates, not just followers of a company’s page. Members have the option to follow the sponsoring company, as well as like, comment, and share posts with their networks.

Obviously great for the b 2 b sector and for those wanting to generate business leads it will allow companies to gain greater visibility and brand awareness. Targeting is pretty good and includes all members whom you can then splice to those who follow your company, those who do not, location (to a postcode level), company details (name, category, industry, size) and then target the poor people in the companies themselves (job title, function and level).

It’s too early to talk about detailed optimisation advice against their algorithm however broad advice is similar to that dished out by Facebook for its EdgeRank algorithm. Basically include images and rich media to stand out, write compelling introductions and headlines, keep the target audiences needs in mind and help (share thoughts, leadership and advice) those targeted. .

All in all then a good targeting development broadly for those in the B 2 B sector.

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