Personalisation and Active Design

By Paul Morris
Now I LOVE RTB (Real Time Bidding Display Advertising) however whilst this digital media tactic is great I feel Digital Marketers over rely on it for our ‘Personalisation fix’.

By ‘personalisation fix’ I mean we think we are smart by tailoring off site display advertising depending on 10’s factors such as location and past viewing behaviour however we often do little to personalise our own website experience.

So in the same way that we collect data to improve offsite advertising we should be utilising BIG data (our location, off site history, on site interactions, social media interactions, etc) to improve on site web experience to make it more useful and personalised.

In the same way that we talk about Responsive Design (crafting a sites design for an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices) we should focus more on ‘Active Design’ that truly tailors the experience to us.

Think of Google Now (pictured above) on steroids where you land on a website and the site shows you the information you want to see in a personalised fashion.

With this one major yet simple Digital Marketing shift we would emancipate our Digital Media focus, budgets and ultimately improve our ROI.

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