IAB Digital Britain event

I attended the morning session of the IAB Digital Britain event in Manchester today.

(More for my own memory than yours) Here goes with the highlights:


Iab intro from Guy Phillipson

He’s a dead ringer for Danny Boyle

Last year Display saw a 27% growth (powered by mobile and VOD mostly) and Search 9%.

45% of display is programmatic = £1 billion spend last year.  More than half of programmatic was with private networks and the rest open RTB platforms.

15% of online adults currently use ad blocking software. 56% were not aware that blocking ads meant the website would lose revenue.

We need better ads IMO and not an education of people to stop blocking them as it impacts the site in question. i.e. why should people put up with rubbish ads?!

Iab’s Tim Elkington then took over = long and short of the presentation was that they have figured out (from a panel no less and not including wearables or connected tech) the average person spends 2 hours 51 minutes online each day.


Mark field director of innovation at Trinity Mirror

Basically a sales pitch for spending more with online newspapers.


Paul Frampton CEO of Havas Media @paul_framp

A good session on Digital advertising.

The advertising industry is very verticalised and should not be.

The conversation needs to be better joined up.

We cannot continue to piss people off with crap ads. Especially on mobile.

Brands need to think more of how they serve consumers. Mattering to people as a brand has never been so important.

Let’s use data to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Make people’s lives easier. People want brands to improve their daily lives. E.g Amazon with better and frictionless service that is difficult to replicate.

Creating rich customer experiences is key to becoming meaningful. E.g deals, social experiences, educational experiences, etc

Owned. Shared. Earned. Paid. = nice (Shared being the extra dimension and similar to what I was posting about 2 1/2 years ago)

Agencies should be in the business of experience design.

Data and content together is the answer. For this we need more bridges and less islands. E.g programmatic with content and media. Data in partnership with social and content.

Tumblr from Yahoo

Very interesting session on telling stories via short loop animation / gifs.

Creatrs programme about scaling content was very interesting.

On average each person uses 5 social networks.

For me the interactive session just showed the awesomeness of creativity; even when you apply it to a platform that ‘inhibits’ creativity to some degree.

…AND if you use it you will actually be down with the Kidz

Good examples of Tumblr use = Adidas, JCrew and Top shop.



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