Today I attended an event, hosted by HRH the Duke of York, on the topic of innovation.

The X Factor style (boot camp > finals @ the Palace > winner) event saw HRH leading Pitch@Palace, that sets out to nurture entrepreneurship across the UK.

Held at the Sharp project (that is itself a Northern innovation hub) it saw business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors connecting with one another.

There were lots of great people/companies in attendance (as an example I spoke to individuals from KPMG, Shop Direct, Boots and a few of the entrepreneurs themselves) and the day included advice on pitching, how to raise finance, talks from famous entrepreneurs/investors (e.g. one of the founders of Innocent), how to effectively connect and then of course the pitches themselves (1 slide per entrepreneur who had 3 minutes to pitch to the audience).

Overall it was an excellent event and great to see innovation being sought outside the capital.

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