Innovation at scale Thoughtworks event

I attended a great Thoughtworks lecture last night by the authors (Joanne molesky and Barry O’Reilly) of a book I recently read; Lean Enterprise and how to innovate at scale

Session notes…

Nice devops report  

3 core themes to the evening:

1/ Culture of Experimentation

If you do not have the culture then nothing else will work

Nice discussion around continuous improvement (that I posted around a few months ago)

2/ Portfolio Management

An Innovation portfolio is what most major companies need with lots of small bets and not one or two big ones. Then apply Lean methodology to the portfolio (something I also posted about recently)

3/ Creating end to end flow

Organisations are generally not well put together and you need to bite the bullet and fix this!

Command and Control sucks

Take away = Think big, start now, learn fast

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