Is google evil

By Paul Morris
I am nearing the end of ‘Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain’ – an audio book about the two segway driving Google billionaires.

The book details the upbringing and thought processes of Larry and Sergey and therefore provides insight into what Google’s core beliefs are.

What I still hear about Google is how evil and corrupt it has become however after listening to this audio book and conducting some background reading I really do not buy the ‘Google is evil’ card that permeates influential thinking tome’s. As a result I thought I’d wave my Google rocks flag and state why Google is not evil…

Sergey and Larry character set – Read about their background and their family background and you will realise the pair are not beelzebub incarnate.

Don’t be evil – is the informal corporate motto (and supported by the sixth point of the 10-point Google corporate philosophy) hence if not being evil forms part of their motto then they cannot be evil; right!?

Google generates £billions in profit hence must be evil – I do not buy the fact that because they make £billions per year from ‘their’ PPC business model = evil. It annoys the clients I represent that they spend so much on PPC and annoys me knowing they clear their ‘cheques in’ letter box with bull dozers however you should not always associate success with being evil.

Google and China – a grey area this one. Personally I do not think they should have gone in to China and complied with the golden shield project however perhaps better for the Chinese to have part access to information than none at all? Obviously since the original agreement Google have stood up to the Chinese government and after the  January 2010 cyber attack on Gmail accounts Google stated they would no longer censor results on

Google giving is a great example of how Google is trying to help change the world. Google Ideas (read an interesting recent FT article on the topic) shows Google are trying to change the world for the better.

Data protection – Google have broadly proved over the past 10+ years that they can be trusted with your personal data (and it’s one of their Google+ USP’s against data loving Facebook).

Great thinkers (not) – Arguments of Google being evil by super whizz bang minds (have a read of a recent Wired magazine article as an example) simply shows Sergey and Larry to be human; not evil. Should Google link to hate sites? Punish marketers who artificially inflate site rankings? Fight on topics such as Scientology? Enter the political arena? Who knows?

Now let’s just hope Sergey and Larry stay as major shareholders and guiding Google lights for some time to come – better the devil you know!

Paul Morris disclaimer: I have in no way received payment from Google to write this article, I am not after a job at Google, they have not blackmailed me/ hypnotised me and nor am I now going to show Google this love letter and file my reindex request for sites I have got banned due to black hat SEO.