Why Google+ will fail

I wrote a few months ago about why Google +1 will fail and in a similar vein I’m unfortunately (I so want Google to do well at social media!) going to give you 4 reasons why Google+, released yesterday, will fail.

Barriers to entry – It’s up against Facebook, Twitter + Skype and they are nearing the zenith of their powers with sheer dominance of their respective social networking space. Super dominant competitors that still carry great swathes of goodwill spells bad news for Google+.

Start all over again – Why bother building up your networks again when the benefits are small?….

Facebook with bells on – The 5 key differentiators of Google+ are: Huddle (group instant messaging), Circles (place friends into groups), Hangouts (live multi user video conferencing), Instant upload (android photo album upload functionality) and Sparks (connects individuals to others with common interests). In my opinion these are not substantial enough benefits and if they prove popular Facebook will simply adopt them to eradicate Google+ USP’s (Facebook have already introduced a slimmed down version of the Google+ grouping functionality).

A track record of social failure – Google is a brilliantly innovative company however they are poor at social media. They have a track record of social failure (Buzz and Wave) and I see this as being third time unlucky.

Do not get me wrong Google’s product is an improvement in several areas over the competition e.g. better privacy settings/ better trust track record, an instant/ decent HTML5 (primarily for IOS) and android app, good looking UI, great group video and messaging functionality, integration of Google products (e.g. ‘similar’ to this weeks fun WDYL launch), I’m sure eventual integration of Google +1, Google black toolbar notification integration, etc however I still unfortunately see it going the way of Buzz. Flush.

Paul Morris note: Finally signed up 2 weeks after launch and i’m impressed! Nice interface and intuitive however i still do not see it dethroning twitter/ skype/ facebook.