Ipad Search Engine Marketing impact

By Paul Morris
ipad stats

I love my Ipad 2! I have only just got to know her however we will be together forever (well at least a year until the new version comes out and she is sold on EBay).

As I’m involved in Search Engine Marketing I thought I’d put a post together about how the Ipad/ tablet will fundamentally impact search engine marketing.

A different search engine user experience – The Bing app (only available in the USA at time of writing hence I have had to rely on screenshots and reviews) has transformed the way you search on the Ipad. Bing on the Ipad makes search beautiful, easy to use and visually appealing. There is less of a focus on search terms with more of an emphasis on voice, imagery and auto suggest.

A different vertical search experience – Apps like hipmunk are set to change vertical search. Hipmunk is a travel app that not only lets you search by price, travel duration and number of stops on a given flight but also by using an ‘agony’ button that calculates the least amount of hassle for a trip or an ‘ecstasy’ button that arranges results by the number of amenities and rave reviews. Apps like this make booking travel on a ‘mobile’ device less painful e.g. when entering payment details and fun to boot.

More vertical search – apps are not going away any time soon (they will eventually be overtaken by HTML 5 but that’s another debate!) and Search is set to see more users going straight to industry leading Apps instead of searching on Google. E.g. looking for a new book? Go directly to the Amazon app. Looking for a second hand widget? Go directly to the EBay app. Looking for a product review? Go directly to the CNET app.

No flash – means our SEO life is easier!

Greater online and offline integration – With its weight, size, ease of use and instantly on capability means it will make its way permanently into the lounge to accompany TV watching. You can imagine much more interplay with TV programs and adverts in a similar way as the new Wii U is using its tablet styled controller to revolutionise gameplay.

Increased Usage – Portability and always on means more people will adopt Ipad’s and in turn lead to more search usage e.g. obvious increased search usage from business travellers but also from archaeologists in the field, GP’s in surgery and school children in class.

In app advertising – Google and Apple are essentially currently creating ‘nice banners’ In App however could this eventually change to In App PPC adverts?

A game changing user experience – Kids have now been subjected to touch and expect it (and kids grow up in to the consumers of tomorrow). Social connections somehow become more personal e.g. the Flipboard app. Generally Search becomes more fun and touch will lead to wider adoption.

Dedicated Tablet results – It does not take a genius to consider different SERPS for an Ipad over mobile or a desktop PC. e.g. personalised universal search could elevate app results when searching for ‘book a holiday’ on a tablet.

A game changer for print – The Ipad is changing the way we search out and digest content. Print has been hit hard with the advent of the internet however could the Ipad be offering a modicrum of salvation? Whilst you could argue that the Ipad will simply stick the knife in further you can argue it gives the print industry another outlet for sales. Ipad dedicated newspapers such as The Insider and magazines such as Wired show you how it should be done. Even a newspaper such as The Daily Mail (I hate its xenophobic stance) due to its brilliant Ipad user experience forces me to read it!