Twitter influence on SEO rankings

By Paul Morris
I gave an overview in a post a few months ago about the 10 major social media ranking factors. I’m now seeing that one in particular, Twitter, is increasingly affecting Google rankings hence I thought I’d document a few of my thoughts on this amazingly addictive and interactive way of receiving up to the minute information/ complete and utter waste of time.

*Twitter links may be no follow however they definitely make up part of the ranking algorithm for Bing and Google

*The number of tweets (or retweets) a link receives along with the influence/ authoritativeness and relevance of that profile are key to search engine result pages (SERPS) positioning impact

* and (go to, search for the user, click on their username and then top-left of the screen, you will see “Influential” or “Highly Influential” if it applies – are useful for measuring Twitter profile influence

*I doubt the anchor text of the Twitter link is important (you can influence twitter link anchor text by using a url shortener)

*Matt Cutts confirmed that most “well behaved” URL shorteners e.g. (I use for my own url shortener – or will redirect a link in such a way that it will act as a 301 permanent redirect thus transferring any pagerank/ link juice over to the original long url. However today Twitter launched a built-in link shortener that automatically condenses long URLs down to 19 characters hence I’d have thought other url shorteners will start to die out on Twitter.

*Posting links on Twitter has been found to speed up the indexation of new pages

To get your content tweeted/ retweeted in the first place you need to….

*Join with influential people in your sector and engage with them i.e. answer questions, join in the debates, network and ‘simply’ give something back to that community

*Disseminate quality link bait e.g. decent infographs, guides, industry reports, news, top 10’s, etc.

*Fake it! As long as there is SEO there will be black hat SEO! You could set up fake twitter accounts to tweet and retweet content.

Google seems to be able to pick out most Twitter spam e.g. eradicate automatic bots tweeting/ retweeting, if a tweet is on something completely out of profile character then that will have less influence and you need to be deemed an influencer if your tweets are to have a major impact on rankings. However I’m not convinced and believe if done really well you can con Google in regards to Twitter link influence.

*My final point is one of not forgetting that building a twitter profile is good for other reasons e.g. branding, traffic and sales!