Mobile Money and Payments – MOMA

By Paul Morris
Well my 1st day on ‘holiday’ ended with a geeky work related event = Mobile Monday Manchester.

I’ve been to the MOMA events before and find them geeky (full of app developers) yet interesting. This one followed suit.


4 speakers =
1/ Proxama (they are doing a lot with mobilising loyalty stamp cards at pesent)
2/ Penrillian (more about converting complex ideas into mobile reality e.g. Bank NFC integration)
3/ Transaxiom (talked a lot about ITSO = smart card ticketing)
4/ Helixion (poor fella had to follow a crowd who had largely stolen his mantra!)
Then a lengthy panel/ audience discussion.


Everyone was talking about NFC.

When I made the statement to the panel that NFC will not hit the mainstream unless Apple adopt it they stumbled to answer.

Just wish we could have spoken more about other technologies such as mobile biometric data (there is talk Apple might adopt this technology, to a small degree with a finger print scanner, at tomorrows Apple event). I also wish they would have been honest and covered the general uncertain future of NFC (great short post here)

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